Caracas Litoral, Venezuela

Princeton Architectural Press

Project Info  |

Publication  | MSAUD / New Urbanisms 6
Issue Date  |  2005
Lexicon  |  Publications
Created for  |  Columbia University Urban Design Program

Publication Specs  |

Section  |  Integrating Natural and Man-Made Flows
Team  |  Kevin Kleyla, Adam Lubinsky
Page(s)  |  58-65
Responsibilities  |  I co-wrote/created one section of the book.

Description  |

I co-wrote/created the section of the book which explains our design and design philosophy in regard to the given project.

Online Synopsis |

Caracas Litoral, Venezuela (New Urbanisms) looks at the challenges, obstacles, and opportunities facing the reconstruction of coastal communities near Caracas, after mudslides devastated these areas in December 1999.

Already in the midst of informal land development, affluent weekend residents from Caracas had awkwardly occupied this dramatic and precarious strip of coastland between the Gulf of Mexico and the Avila Mountain — also shared with the national airport and second largest seaport.

In a city where most of the urban population lives in informal housing, the contested nature of redevelopment — emergent social, economic, and cultural patterns confronting traditional patterns of settlement — could easily be predicted.

Fully bilingual, in English and Spanish, this book explores opportunities that unite the various constituencies through innovative programming, sustainable geological/hydrological infrastructure, and economically viable housing and commercial development.

About the Authors |

Richard Plunz, Michael Conard, and Modjeh Baratloo teach at the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation at Columbia University.