Centrifugal Blues

Akueous Design

Project Info  |

Location  | Conceptual
Project Date  |  2014
Lexicon  |  Personal
Responsibilities  |  Design, Visualization
Created for  |  Akueous Design

Image Specs  |

3D Renderings  |
3DS Max, V-Ray, Photoshop, Ivy Generator
Original Image Size(s)  |
5000 pixels x 3333 pixels

Description  |

The following 3d illustration showcases  a personal project I have been working on for some time.  The project began like all others, a study in new forms/shapes/ideas and slowly evolved into an image.

The main design objective was to celebrate the connection – every connection.  I wanted all connections and details to be resolved/interesting in order to help lead the viewer around the constructed image.

I drew inspiration from objects I found interesting over the past few years – automotive struts, a microphone, horse yolks, a fishing swivel, a leather vest, and even a belt hanging in my closet.

The image is a culmination of re-scaling and jamming these quirky/unrelated objects together.

All items in the scene were designed, modeled, textured, and lit by kk.

Centrifugal Blues_01

|  Final Image

Centrifugal Blues is a conceptual rendering which explores the idea of connection and form while speaking to one’s monotonous life and habitual activities.

It is a personal reminder that change is necessary.  It tells me to quit making the same mistakes over and over again; to quit getting caught-up in cyclical events.

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