Dodge Ram

NA Collective

Project Info  |

Location  | Austin, TX
Project Date  |  2016
Lexicon  |  Experiential
Responsibilities  |  Schematic Design, Visualization
Created for  |  NA Collective

Image Specs  |

3D Renderings  |
3DS Max, V-Ray, Photoshop
Original Image Size(s)  |
2000 pixels x 900 pixels

Description  |

These conceptual 3d illustrations show a design idea pitched to Dodge Ram. The idea is to have a large interactive/playable guitar made of Dodge Ram winch cables.  The larger-than-life exhibit was originally set for the Texas State Fair, but did not end up happening.

The design allows for six new Dodge Ram tucks to make-up the guitar strings with their cable winches.  The guitar will allow spectators to pluck

the strings/cables at the base and neck of the guitar.  There are also three knobs that can help control sound and effects when being played.

The whole guitar-playing experience becomes a team effort of three to five people at once if desired.